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Business With Confidence. Acquire
Engaging Digital
Strategies for Establishing
a Strong Customer-Base, Endlessly.


Grow Your Online Business With Confidence. Acquire Engaging Digital Strategies for Establishing a Strong Customer-Base, Endlessly.

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Our progressive approach empowers every team member to contribute unique perspectives and expertise. With a modern viewer philosophy, we leverage best tools to ensure scalable digital solutions, more sustainability and continuous success.

The project management – initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling and closing, all accomplished by our in-house creative experts to maintain perfect balance between quality, affordability, and deadline.

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Sustainability for
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On-Time Delivery
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A comprehensive strategy leads to business prosperity and success!

At Split Arts Technologies, we intimate on core elements to bring your business to life. Helping good brands to become great, we work on statistics and data driven decisions to ensure constant growth and competitive advantage.

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Split Arts Technologies has been recognized as the leading trusted Creative Production Agency in the United States.

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We build a growth platform by expanding your brand. Explore more to find our wildly diverse abilities to achieve highly specific organizational goals.

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Want to know the cost of animation services? Start a conversation with one of our agent . Give them clear details about your project. This should include animation type, length, difficulty, and particular needs. Most likely, we want to chat or ask for a project outline to get a good grasp on what you want. We also want to look at examples of the animation style you're after. With these details, we will give you a price estimate.

At Split Arts Technologies, high quality and extreme transparency are pillars of our philosophy. After years of extensive experience and successful project delivery, we have consistently focused on generating original ideas, implementing them with the best creativity, and ensuring perfect end results that resonate amongst the target audience.

The persistent 5-star reviews we have received across all platforms serve as a testament to the exceptional commitment and excellence we bring to every single project. When you choose Split Arts Technologies, you are entrusting your project to capable and dedicated hands.

Split Arts Technologies provides a variety of services with a primary emphasis on 2D & 3D Animation. Additionally, we also offer Software Design, Video Production Service, IT Support and Services, Advertising, Film Production, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

You can visit our office located at Midlothian, Ellis, County, Texas, United States. For general inquiries, please feel free to contact us at (646)347-6660 from 8 am to 6 pm CST, Monday to Friday.

Yes, Split Arts Technologies work with clients outside the USA during the US time zone. We have a huge clientele in different countries, predominantly Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Dubai, and Australia.

Yes, we have an in-house team and the project execution is accomplished by our on-premise experts to align project scope, on-going progress, and final milestones.

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